October 20, 2021
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The $1 Lottery Winner

The $1 Lottery Winner


Of the millions of stories you’ve heard of lottery winners winning bigger than big jackpots, I bet you haven’t heard of the man who won $1 on a scratch card in January this year. It seems insignificant; obviously $1 won’t get you closer to fulfilling your dreams…or will it?


A Scratch Card Win

Tyler Heep, a regular man from Iowa, went down to his local store in Urbandale and bought a “Stinking Rich” scratch-off lottery ticket. On this special day, Tyler hit a $1 jackpot. Now instead of putting his scratch card win towards a cup of coffee or perhaps trying his luck on another ticket, Tyler decided to drive all the way to the lottery headquarters in Des Moines. Once there, he insisted that he too be paid with a massive novelty cheque. He had after all won the lottery, had he not?!


Tyler Heep Novelty check

Image from dailymail.co.uk


With a great sense of humour the lottery officials played along and took him through the whole millionaire treatment. Tyler was taken down the stairs and to the back room where the camera with the Iowa Lottery logo was standing. He was presented with a giant novelty check for $1 and ‘Stinking Rich’ written in the memo portion. They then had him hold up the check just like a million-dollar winner and snapped a picture.


A Bit of Fun

Tyler, who clearly has a great sense of humour and plenty of time on his hands, went on to announce to his fans that he had bought “half a gallon of gas” with his underwhelming winnings – probably the same amount he’d spent driving to the Lottery Headquarters anyway. He also stated that he wanted to frame his check for safe keeping but before doing so, headed down to the gas station where he bought the ticket, just so the employees would know about his win. Later on he had the check framed and wrote a post thanking a local shop for helping him. He also posted a picture of himself smoking a cigar.


Tyler Heep Cigar

Image from facebook.com

Stinking Rich

Players of “Stinking Rich” – a scratch card featuring a big skunk – can win up to $1000. The chances of winning $1 are one in 7.50. The odds for winning $1000 are one in 125 000. One thing is for sure, Tyler Heep may not have won a lot of money, but he had an absolute blast pretending that he did. Through his good sense of humour and fun, Tyler has made himself famous and shared plenty of laughter along the way. Who says that only winning the jackpot makes dreams come true!


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