January 23, 2022
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The World’s Biggest Unclaimed Jackpots

The World’s Biggest Unclaimed Jackpots

After looking at the unclaimed prizes of the US lottery, we decided to see how many big jackpots in the world have gone unclaimed – and what a shocker! To think that so many could’ve had their lives changed by massive jackpots but somehow either lost their ticket, missed the deadline, or maybe didn’t even realise they held the winning ticket whilst it sat in their jacket pocket. Here are five of the biggest unclaimed jackpots in the world:


5. $31 Million Mega Million (2006)

This jackpot also went unclaimed when a winner from New York just never showed up. Funny enough, some of the world’s biggest unclaimed jackpots come from New York! The lottery officials managed to track the winning ticket down to Queens, but never managed to find anything more.



4. $46 Million Mega Millions (2003)

Just to reiterate our point above, this winning ticket holder also came from The Big Apple and never came forward to claim their life-changing win. Whilst not quite the $1 billion that we’ve seen jackpots hit in Powerball and Mega Millions, it’s still a substantial amount to lose out on!



3. $63 Million SuperLotto Plus (2016)

Although this is an unclaimed jackpot, a man named Brandy Milliner actually did step forward in 2017. He claimed that he had in fact tried to cash in on his winnings but that the lottery officials said his ticket was too damaged. As any sane would-be-winner would do, he proceeded to sue them. However, his case was dismissed after the Californian lottery commission disproved his claim. The ticket he had had been bought at a different store and at a different time to the actual winning ticket. Sadly, the mystery remains as the $63 million jackpot of California based SuperLotto Plus went unclaimed by anyone with a legitimate ticket.



2. £65 Million EuroMillions (2012)

This winner of this unclaimed jackpot remains a mystery to this day. The only information we have on this winning ticket is that it was bought in either Stevenage or Hitchin in the UK. This means there were around 110 000 possible winners, which narrows it down, but not quite. The winner missed the 6 month deadline and in the end the winnings were donated to the National Lottery Good Causes fund.



1.$68 Million Mega Millions (2002)

With some of the biggest jackpots in the world, the Mega Millions also seems to attract more unclaimed wins than any other lottery in the world. However, 2002 saw the biggest unclaimed lottery win of $68 million. Once again the ticket holder was a New Yorker and was never found. This amount was very nearly eclipsed when a $1.5 billion jackpot in 2018 went unclaimed until just a few weeks before the deadline. We think the world would’ve cried if that $1.5 billion had gone unclaimed!


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