October 23, 2021
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How One Man Grew His Lottery Winnings

How One Man Grew His Lottery Winnings

Winning the lottery is one thing, keeping quiet about it and growing your winnings is quite another. One South African lottery winner has, however, achieved just that.


A Rough Start


In August 2015 Paul Williams (not his real name) was in a bad spot. Poor Paul was not only struggling after a break-up but then went on to lose his job and started getting himself into a bit of debt. One night, after dinner with friends, they stopped at a local Spar supermarket where he bought a lottery ticket worth R50.


He woke up early to check his ticket and saw that all his numbers matched. The first thing he did was phone his sister, “I had all the matching winning numbers but I still wasn’t sure whether I had won. I wasn’t really sure how you win,” he said. After confirming with his sister that he had indeed won, he called his mother. He told her that she would no longer have to worry about him as he had won a lot of money. This South African lottery winner was just 27 when he won the R7 million jackpot.


A Big Secret


Not long after that, Paul, his sister, and his mother, headed to Johannesburg to the lottery offices. He was offered psychological counselling and financial advice but turned down the financial advice. He said that the psychologist helped him work through the emotions and he still sees a psychologist every week. Paul says that counselling is a definite must.


The amazing thing about this South African lottery winner is that, two years later, he still hasn’t told anyone besides his mother and sister – not even his boyfriend of two years knows! He is also now sitting on roughly R20 million. The question we want answered is: how did this lucky man do such a good job of managing his big win?


“I still live in the same house. I just made the place nicer and I have someone who now takes care of the garden‚” Williams said. He told his friends that his mother had fixed up the house for him. He also bought a second hand Audi TT which he explained by saying he had scored a lucrative job. Other than that he has just continued to live the same modest life. Paul said he was never one for designer brands. Even now he still shops at Mr Price and Pick n Pay, occasionally treating himself to Woolworths.
“If you make big changes, in five to ten years you may have nothing left.” He said.


Managing Money


He lives off the interest of all the money he has saved up as well as some of the profits of the farming business he invested in.


He says he saves up as much as he can whilst still enjoying his growing wealth.


A typical day for Paul Williams consists of waking up early, playing computer games and doing some research on new businesses. He also recently started studying online. Besides work and studying, he likes taking his dogs for a walk and feeding the cattle on the farm. He says the best part of winning is that he doesn’t have to worry about money now, and he doesn’t have to work but chooses to. His next business venture is buying property overseas.


If you’re lucky enough to win a few million, it might be wise to take a leaf out of Paul’s book. Seems he knows just how to be a very successful winner!


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