January 23, 2022




We all know plenty about the US lotto and a fair amount about EuroMillions. They have seen some of the highest lotto jackpots in world history with the USA MegaMillion and Powerball giving jackpots over $1 billion. But there is another lotto which is highly underrated – the Italian SuperEnalotto – and its currently offering the world’s biggest jackpot!


Enalotto was a well-known lottery which existed in Italy from the 1950’s. In December 1997 the game was modified and became the SuperEnalotto. This lottery is a national one and yet it offers some of the biggest jackpots in Europe; even rivalling the EuroMillions and Eurojackpot. The SuperEnalotto holds the record for the highest ever domestic payout with €177.7 million being won in October 2010. The big prize went to a single winning ticket that belonged to a syndicate of 70 people in Milan. The second biggest payout was €165.5 million, made to a single player in October 2016.


Giant Jackpots

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Recently we saw the SuperEnalotto jackpot hit €195 million after an astounding 169 rollovers. That’s a nice €18 million higher than its record jackpot from 2010. However, it rolled over yet again last week and is now sitting at an eye-popping €200 million! Just imagine!


The magic happens because the SuperEnalotto has no cap in place. The jackpot could well surpass the €200 million if no one wins this Tuesday. With pretty low odds of actually winning the jackpot, the SuperEnalotto hits some nice highs which are only won by a few very lucky people. Its popularity comes from the fact that winnings are only taxed at 12% on the excess over €500; and of course the massive jackpot amounts thanks to rollovers. Winners can of course choose a lump sum payout or annuity payment, much like any other lottery.


How to Play


The aim of the game is to match 6 numbers out of 90 – hence the low odds. If a player matches all six numbers then they win the jackpot. The SuperEnalotto also has five other prize categories, with the lowest win being a two number match. There is also a “Jolly” number which gives players an additional chance to win. Should a player only match five numbers but also match the “Jolly” number, then they’ll win higher. This number however does not affect the jackpot, only the secondary prize. Draws take place every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday at 8pm. Tickets cost €1 for one try.


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