September 27, 2021
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The Couple Who Gave Away Their Millions

The Couple Who Gave Away Their Millions


One couple from Northern Ireland seems to have found happiness long before they won an astounding £114 969 775 in this year’s first Euromillions draw. The middle-aged couple from Moira, County Down were in disbelief just like most jackpot winners. However, what sets them apart is that they immediately announced that they had “no intentions of keeping all that money.” What?!

Yes – no intention of keeping the millions most can only dream of!


Euromillions cheque Frances and Patrick Connolly

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The Happy Couple


Frances Connolly is the eldest in a well-known and respected family from Glebe. She has three sisters and two brothers. Her late mother, who passed away last year, was a very popular member of their local community.


Patrick Connolly was born and raised in Belfast and attended St Malachy’s College.


Both of them attended Queen’s University Belfast but only met later at a wedding in 1989.


The two of them have been happily together for 30 years and have three daughters, one who is 30 years old, and a set of twins who are now 24. They also have two grandsons and one granddaughter. Mrs Connolly has worked as an educational programme coordinator and Mr Connolly’s expertise lie in plastics manufacturing. The happy couple lived in Hartlepool for 25 years before recently moving to a rental in Moira where they continue to live their happy, down-to-earth lives. The family has somehow found happiness in the simple and ordinary. In fact, their eldest daughter said she isn’t even particularly bothered with a handout – her family doesn’t have much but they have never needed money for happiness.


Winning the Jackpot


Frances and Patrick Connolly

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Perhaps what cements this fact is that the kindly couple are more excited to give some of their Euromillions winnings away than they are to splurge on fancy cars and a mansion.

“This is a massive sum of money and we want it to have a huge impact on the lives of other people we know and love, as well as on our future, too,” Frances Connolly said.


So who are the lucky ones receiving a portion of the fourth-biggest Euromillions win in British history? The Connollys have said that they’ve drawn up a list of some 50 family members and friends but would also like to donate to a few charities. Mrs Connolly has admitted that excited as she is, the couple are finding it very hard and stressful choosing who to help.
“I’m going to cry myself to sleep that I can’t help everybody, that will be really tough,” she said.


Although they plan on giving away a fair portion of their win, the Connollys are also keeping a small portion for themselves. Mrs Connolly plans on going back to college to do a PhD in clinical psychology – just another bit of proof that this couple are not the kind to sit back and live off their winnings.


Winning Isn’t Everything


Perhaps the rest of us could learn a thing or two from the Connollys and their extraordinary handling of such a big win. After all, as they have proven – money isn’t everything and it certainly isn’t needed for happiness. What money can do, however, is help and make things just that little bit easier.


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