January 23, 2022
Unlucky winners

Unlucky Lotto Winners

Unlucky Lotto Winners

When we talk about winning the lottery we tend to always imagine great thing – financial freedom, eternal happiness, a beautiful house and luxuries we’d only dreamed of. But winning the lottery isn’t always sunshine and roses! In fact, here are a few lottery winners who tell quite a different story:


Thomas and Denise Rossi

Thomas and Denise were a happily married couple of 25 years – or at least that is the story Thomas would’ve told. Sadly, Denise was not on the same page and shocked poor Thomas by suddenly handing him divorce papers one day. Apparently it was because he was always broke and she had been quite unhappy for some time…obviously it had nothing to do with her big lottery win just days before.


Denise of course kept her winnings a secret and, thanks to California’s laws against disclosing assets during divorce proceedings, Thomas had no idea. However, the court somehow found out about her deception and ended up awarding her now ex-husband every last cent of her winnings. If only Denise hadn’t been so greedy she could’ve at least walked away with half – instead she was left with no money and definitely no husband.


Andrew Jack Whittaker

With an already loaded bank account – $17 million to be exact – it’s a mystery why Mr Whittaker would still be entering the lotto. But enter he did and he won big! Andrew took home an astounding $315 million dollars in the US Powerball. He proceeded to give a large chunk away to charities and then proceeded to watch his life unravel. Besides his love of strippers and drinking which sent him on a downward spiral, Andrew had many more unpleasant experiences. He was robbed several times, lost his granddaughter to a drug overdose, then lost his daughter five years later, and his mother. Within in four years he was totally broke and alone. Not such a happy story for a man who didn’t even need the money to begin with. Read more about Andrew Jack Whittaker here.


Andrew Jack Whittaker and family

Image from: nbcnews.com


Urooj Khan

An almost unbelievable story is that of Urooj Khan. An immigrant from India who was living in Chicago, Khan had almost given up on gambling until he won $1 million off a scratch-off ticket. He took a lump sum payout of just under half a million dollars after taxes. Khan then celebrated with his family on the day the check arrived. His wife made a delicious lamb curry and they all seemed in high spirits; until later that night when Khan become incredibly ill and later died in hospital. The original report stated natural causes (hardening of the arteries) for his death. However, his brother pressed for an autopsy and it seems there was something much more sinister at play – cyanide poisoning! Oddly, his wife and daughter ended up splitting the winnings and seemed to live happily ever after.


Urooj Khan and family

Image from: abcnews.go.com


Callie Rogers

There’s a good reason most countries don’t allow under 18’s to enter the lottery. Most adults can’t even handle the big wins! In the UK, however, anyone from the age of 16 is allowed to enter. That is exactly how old Callie was when she won £1 875 000. At first, the ex-check-out girl said she just wanted a normal car and home, but ended up quitting her job and going wild. She spent £18 000 on three boob jobs, £300 000 on clothes, gave more than £500 000 away to friends and family, and then shoved £250 000 of it up her nose in the form of cocaine. After blowing all her money and becoming utterly miserable, Callie went to school to study social care. She now works as a carer and is a single mom with a disabled son. Her one regret? Not saving the money to give her son the very best of everything. Read more storie about Callie Rogers here.


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