September 27, 2021

How to Feel Richer Than You Are

How to Feel Richer Than You Are


Is your low bank balance getting you down? Wishing you could feel like a millionaire but you just haven’t won the lottery yet?


Don’t worry – we know just how to make you feel like a millionaire, without the millions. We came up with a few ideas on how to feel rich, even when you’re not. Sometimes it’s the little things in life that can make you feel like a millionaire



Brunch is a meal usually eaten sometime in the late morning or early afternoon, between 10am and 2pm; roughly. This meal is not complete without some kind of alcoholic drink – think mimosas or some other lavish cocktail. Instead of the morning rush and constant busy-ness of the middle class, this meal invites us to sit back, relax, and savour good food and time with friends. Brunch has its roots in the British tradition of hunting luncheons, which was a custom of the British upper-class. In modern times you’ll be hard pressed to find a jet-setting star that doesn’t make time for a relaxed and lavish brunch. Brunch just sparkles with sophistication.


brunch with cereal and fruit



How often have you spied pictures or videos of the elaborate and organised homes that only the rich seem to have? We know it’s because they have a handful of people employed to keep it that way, but hey, nothing stops us from inviting the same feeling of luxury into our own homes. Just imagine – a place for everything and everything in its place! With a few little hacks you can declutter your own space and invite a bit of that fabulous luxury into your life. You don’t need to be a millionaire you just need to Google some awesome organisational hacks! It’s funny, but the middle class seems to get bogged down in clutter whilst the rich have this understanding that it isn’t about the “stuff”. Practice non-attachment and throw out all that unnecessary junk!


luxury lounge setting


Grocery Delivery

How often do we see the super-rich slugging it out at the local grocery store? Not often.


Why? Because time is money and grocery stores take a lot of time!


You don’t have to have a loaded bank account to log online and order your groceries. Not only is it faster, but you will feel like a millionaire ordering your mundane shopping from the comfort of your couch – in your newly organized lounge of course. Online grocery shopping costs a nominal fee and you have all your items delivered straight to your door. Now if that doesn’t shout luxury then I don’t know what does!


brown paper bag and apples



Ok, I know we don’t all have a cent spare for luxuries like spa days but sometimes a small pamper session is all that is needed. Something as simple as a professional blow-dry can make you feel like a star. Having someone else do your hair just has that feeling of money, and leaves you with an amazing “do” to show off for the day. You can also invest in a simple mani or pedi, or opt for a cheaper massage. A full body massage can cost a pretty penny but a back and neck massage won’t break the bank and will still leave you feeling like gold. All we know is, there’s a reason the rich and famous love their spa days so why not indulge in a little affordable pampering yourself.


candles and towels at a spa



This may seem like an odd one, but I have yet to read about a self-made millionaire who doesn’t practice mindfulness. Staying present and remembering gratitude can make the world of difference to your mind-set. Feeling rich can be found through mindfulness just as much as it can be in physical money.


Here are a few tricks to practising mindfulness in your everyday busy life:

  • Write post-it notes with positive messages or reminders of things to be grateful for. Post them around the house – on your mirror, the inside of your closet, by your coffee machine or kettle.
  • Do an activity that keeps you present – yoga, play a game of chess, sit and eat a meal by yourself without distraction.
  • Check your breathing throughout the day. We so often don’t even realise that we’ve sped up our breathing or are holding our breath.
  • Unplug and take a walk. A walk is a great way to focus the mind and invite that inner richness. Focus on your surroundings and practice gratitude for the body which allows you to get through each day.


man sitting in field


So there you have it. It doesn’t always take a large bank account to make you feel rich. Sometimes luxury is the little things that you do for yourself. The small steps you take out of your busy life to declutter, reorganise, save time, and spoil yourself a little.


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