October 20, 2021
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Biggest Lottery Jackpots 2019

Biggest Lottery Jackpots 2019


What’s better than seeing just how big the jackpots can climb and hearing the stories of those who won against all odds? Well, besides actually winning the jackpot, not much.


We decided to gather the biggest jackpots of 2019 (so far) and share a little bit of the magic with you.


South Africa

In February South Africans saw the Powerball jackpot roll over and over until it hit an all-time high of R232 million. Everyone held their breath on the night of the draw and one lucky winner scooped it all! It took a while for him to come forward, but eventually the 50-year-old man from Cape Town stepped up. The blue-collar worker, who chose to remain anonymous, stated, “I am very excited and glad that I won this. For me this will open doors for my kids’ education because that is very important for me.”



EuroMillions saw two of it’s biggest jackpots claimed this year. Both making the list of biggest winners in UK history. The first jackpot of £114 969 775 was won on the 1st of January. The couple, Frances and Patrick Connolly from Northern Ireland, surely welcomed in the year with a very lucky start!


The second jackpot was the largest jackpot to be won in EuroMillions since 2004. The single ticket-holder found themselves £123 million richer and catapulted onto the list of the 1000 wealthiest people in the UK. In fact, they’re right up there with 50 Shades author EL James (£127m) and the late Princess Diana’s brother, Earl Spencer (£125m).



The USA is well known for having the biggest jackpots in the world with some reaching into the billions. 2019 has seen a few big wins but most notably:


$768.4 million was won in the Powerball draw on 27th March. It was the first jackpot win of 2019, after rolling over 25 times since Christmas! The winner was a single ticketholder from New Berlin, Wisconsin who claimed the third highest jackpot in US lotto history.


Whilst technically not a 2019 win, we felt the Mega Millions jackpot of $1.5 billion was definitely worth a mention! In October last year, one winner grabbed this astounding jackpot. However, he stayed quiet, only stepping forward in March this year. The winner from South Carolina decided to remain anonymous. However, we do know that they kindly gave up their spot in the lotto queue before purchasing their ticket. Seems it was destined to be.


The third big win of the year was in June when one winner from California took home $530 million in a Mega Millions draw.



Now we thought this was definitely worth a mention: with 169 rollovers, the SuperEnalotto jackpot just hit €201.4 million! With the SuperEnalotto jackpots being uncapped, they have handed out some pretty big wins over the years. This, however, is the biggest jackpot ever seen in Europe. We cannot guarantee this won’t be won by the time this is published, but it’s definitely worth keeping your eyes on.


Luckily buying online tickets for any lotto is pretty easy and jackpots are constantly on the rise all over the world. If you’d like to stand a chance to win one of the world’s big jackpots this year simply head on over to a trusted site like Sun7lottery and buy your tickets now.


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