September 27, 2021
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 British Couple Thank Their Cat for £1 Million Win

British Couple Thank Their Cat for £1 Million Win

Andrew and Paula Hancock were the lucky winners of a £1 million scratch card prize in late July this year.


“If it wasn’t for Shortcake, we wouldn’t be millionaires,” Andrew Hancock told reporters.


Shortcake is the couple’s six-year-old ginger tom that they apparently have to thank for their lucky windfall. Andrew runs a catering business with his wife Paula, and after a particularly gruelling 12-hour shift they forgot to get Shorty’s regular tin of Whiskas. Andrew volunteered to pop out and get it but after filling up with petrol he bought a £5 Monopoly Millionaire scratch card and forgot the food!


The Winning Ticket


Shortcake the cat

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Sitting in his car he realised he had forgotten the cats chicken treat but decided to check the scratch card before going back in. What happened next changed their lives forever:


“I scratched off the lucky symbol – a duck – and couldn’t believe what I was seeing. I looked and looked again and started to get a bit hot when I realised I won. I checked it about seven or eight times.”


Andrew completely forgot the cat food as he rushed home to tell his wife and twelve-year-old son, Xavier. He walked in the door and called them excitedly.


“We both ran in and he was just stood there with his legs wide and his arms in the air saying ‘I’ve won a million pounds!’” said Paula.


His wife, who couldn’t believe it, wanted to check the ticket and asked Andrew if he was sure they’d won.


He cheekily replied, ‘I know how a scratch card works.’


Spending Their Winnings


Andrew and Paula Hancock

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Camelot confirmed the couple’s win and the celebrations started. Paula’s parents came over and the family stayed up drinking Pimms until the early hours of the morning. Poor Shortcake was by now rather hungry! Luckily he was given a delicious treat of tinned ham and joined in the celebrations.


The couple said that Shorty loves to cuddle and likes to play-bite, and that he would definitely be dining first class from now on!


As for what the couple from Mansfield would do with their winnings – the first thing they did was buy their son his dream phone. They also plan to pay off their mortgage and maybe even build a new home. The couple also mentioned a trip to the Tokyo Olympics for their son who is a huge judo fan and then perhaps a five week holiday in Australia.


“The money won’t last long,” Andrew joked. “How quick can you spend a million pounds?”


The couple don’t seem to bothered to make it last long term. Andrew, Paula, and Xavier are just enjoying their winnings in the moment.


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