September 27, 2021
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SuperEnalotto Winner Breaks Euro Jackpot Record

SuperEnalotto Winner Breaks Euro Jackpot Record


The SuperEnalotto doesn’t get as much media hype as some of the big names (such as EuroMillions and Powerball); however, this lottery has hit some seriously high jackpots over the years.


On Tuesday 13th August, after 14 months of rolling over, the SuperEnalotto jackpot was sitting at an insane €209 million.


Millions tried their luck but only one mysterious player walked away with the full amount. Quite a feat when you consider that the winner had to match just six correct numbers out of 90! The winning numbers were 7, 32, 41, 59, 75, and 76.


SuperEnalotto Millionaires


The new millionaire bought their ticket for a mere €2 at Marino’s bar near Milan in northern Italy; apparently choosing the numbers at random. The SuperEnalotto now holds the record for the largest jackpot paid out in Europe.


Previous big SuperEnalotto wins include:


  • €177.7 million: won on 30th October 2010 by a syndicate of 70 players from Lombardy, Milan.
  • €163.5 million: won by a single winner from Calabria, Vibo Valentia, on the 27th October 2016.
  • €147.8 million: won by a single player from Tuscany on the 22nd August 2009.
  • €139 million: won by two players on the 9th February 2010; one winner from Emilia-Romagna, Parma and the other from Tuscany, Pistoia.
  • €130.2 million: won by a single player from Sicily on 17th April 2018.


This SuperEnalotto jackpot even took the prize of biggest jackpot from EuroMillion, where the jackpot is capped at €190 million. The winner now has 90 days in which to claim his colossal win from one of the Sisal offices in Milan or Rome. Once the result is validated, the money will be paid by bank transfer.



So what could you do with €209 million? Let’s have a look!


If you’re smart enough, the first thing you’ll do is put a roof over your head and with €209 million you certainly have some choices to make! Villa Il forte on the northern coast of Sardinia will cost you a mere €120 815 625, meaning you’d have change to spare. Villa Il Forte has a small private beach and 13 en-suite bathrooms. We suppose when you have that much money you don’t really question why one would even need 13 en-suite bathrooms in the first place.


Villa Il Forte

Image from:


You could also take a look at Palais Venetian, a sweeping mansion on the hills above Cannes which is valued at €115 762 500. Alternatively you could buy a nice house without the flash and glitz and use the rest to buy some holiday homes.

Palais Venetian

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If travelling in style is your thing then what about a super-yacht. 1 OF 7 is a stunning 115-foot hybrid super-yacht and the first super-yacht with Porsche DNA. This luxury yacht features three staterooms for six guests and a master stateroom with a king-size bed, all with en-suite bathrooms. You can lounge on the 1 022 square foot sundeck, enjoy the home theatre and even take a dip in the Jacuzzi. All that for just €8 500 000!


1 OF 7 Yacht

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If you’re really in to lifestyles of the rich and famous then why not follow in their footsteps. You could host a birthday party a la Simon Cowell and spend a week in Miami followed by a private jet trip to a mansion in England, with a party for some 400 guests. This should really only set you back a couple million so you could even do this every year for your birthday.


You could also:

Take a trip to space
Buy ridiculously expensive art which no one understands
Give a whole lot to charity
Start up your own charity AND give to a whole lot of charities
Buy an exotic island, or three
Build your own theme park on that island
Buy a private jet, or your own airline


Oh what we could do with that SuperEnalotto jackpot!


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