September 27, 2021
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What a Million Dollars Could Get You

What a Million Dollars Could Get You


Way back when, a million dollars seemed like enough to live on for the rest of your life. Now $1 million is the cost of an average house in Santa Barbara, California and it’s almost back pocket change in the world of wealth. If you had a million dollars what could you actually buy with it?


You could buy a second-hand yacht, or maybe a tiny one bedroom, one bathroom apartment in New York City, or invest in your retirement. But where’s the fun in that. Let’s look at some fun ways to spend your spare $1 million!



You could buy an historic church converted into a spacious luxury house in Leeds, UK for just under a million or if staying in the states is up your alley then you could invest in a five-bedroom country estate in New Jersey. Further abroad you could get a Rustic Farmhouse in Tuscany, a beach-front villa suspended over the waters in Koh Samui, Thailand, or a riverside apartment in Prague. Our favourite, however, is a 12-bedroom castle in France dating back to the 14th century.


Beach-front villa Thailand

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14th Century Castle in France

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Luxury Spoils

If you’d rather treat yourself then you could look at spending some time in the Royal suite in Burj Al Arab Jumeirah. The room has a private elevator, cinema, Jacuzzi, a 12-seater dining room, and a posture-controlled king-size bed complete with pillow menu! For roughly $28 000 per night, we figured, hey why not splurge and get some room service too.


You could also find a luxury spa and book yourself in for 24 Karat gold facials, Evian water baths and caviar massages. Starting at $500 dollars we thought it sounded like a great way to spend that cash. If that still isn’t luxurious enough you could book yourself in for a Vampire face lift for roughly $1500.


woman getting a 24 karat gold facial

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Alternatively you could go on a shopping spree, including the famous Rodeo Drive and Fifth Avenue. Then why not head out to Paris to get that latest gear, not forgeting to stop off and buy your pooch a $900 Swarovski crystal collar. You could do this all in a day if you buy your own private jet for roughly half a mil.


Bling Your Space


If you have $1 million lying around you could totally add some useless super fly bling to your mansion. You can choose from:
Crystal Ergorapido Vaccuum – the most expensive home cleaning device enrobed in 3730 Swarovski crystals. For just $18 993 it’s the only option for the rich and famous housewife.


Crystal Ergorapido vacuum

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Goldplated Staples – Why use ordinary staples when you could have gold staples to glitz up all your paperwork?! If you want all your friends to think you’re an idiot super wealthy then for just $175 you could be well on your way.


Golden Light Switch – Not just a gold light switch but a wireless gold light switch encased in Lucite. For just $250 you’ll never have to get out of to switch off a light ever again.


Carbon Fiber Toilet Seat – Now who needs a flimsy 24 karat gold seat when you could have the sturdy and super stylish carbon fiber toilet seat? It can be yours for just $249.


And if you get tired of wiping your backside with rough dollar bills, you could also just fork out $20 for three rolls of coloured toilet paper.


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