October 26, 2021
Strange Winner Stories

Maine Millionaire Still Lives in Trailer

Maine Millionaire Still Lives in Trailer


Almost everyone who dreams of winning the lottery also dreams of how it will change their lives for the better.


Perhaps you dream of riches and luxury or perhaps you simply want to be debt free and live in a comfortable home.


Either way, your dream includes change of some sort. This scratch ticket winner from Maine is probably the strangest you will read about as he still lives in the same trailer and goes to work every day despite being a millionaire.



Winning the Lottery Twice

Robert Stuart won the lottery twice in four months making him $1.1 million richer. He first struck gold with a scratch ticket from the Maine State Lottery, winning $1 million. Four months later he won another $100 000 off a scratch ticket.


Bobby Stuart holding winning check

Image from: lotterypost.com


However, this winner is one who isn’t too bothered to change things up. Bobby, as he is fondly known, is a 65-year-old tractor driver from Kennebunkport in Maine and it would be really hard to tell that he’s won anything at all. He still clocks in for his 11-hour shifts at Hissong Ready-mix & Aggregates. He still lives in the same trailer he’s lived in for the past 40 years, and he still eats the same simple supper (a burger or hot dog) at the same little diner every night after work. In fact, the first weekday after he won his million, he still went to work as if nothing had changed. He only went a week later to collect his winnings as it was the earliest his work schedule would allow him to make the long drive to Augusta where the lottery headquarters are.



The Humble Lottery Winner

Is there any way to explain this bizarre behaviour?

Well, yes. Bobby grew up as the son of a farmer and a family who was never big on material things. They valued hard work and a simpler life, learning how to make do with little. The only time Bobby does splurge is once a year on a ticket to the NASCAR race in Loudon, N.H.


Bobby’s sister, who lives on the same patch of land, is probably the least surprised at his behaviour.
“That’s how we were brought up,” she said, “So to be extravagant? No.”


Bobby even declined his brother’s offer to build him a new trailer as he doesn’t see the point. He’s happy with his recliner, his TV, and all the family photos which cover the trailer’s walls and his refrigerator.


Bobby Stuart standing by his trailer

Image from: bostonglobe.com


“Ain’t nothing really different,” says Stuart, “I do the same thing over and over.”


Spending His Lottery Winnings


He has said that travelling doesn’t sound too bad, but he isn’t sure where he’d go or who he’d go with. Bobby lost his wife two years ago and has, since then, preferred to keep things the way they are; which makes him sound an awful lot like the main character from Up.


He did however put new windows in his trailer but was quick to add that he got a good deal on the job from his son’s friend. He also occasionally treats himself to a $10.99 lobster roll instead of his usual supper but points out that the roll is good value and comes with fries.


Bobby also happily shared his wealth with his three kids, giving them each a portion and telling them to do whatever they wanted with it. He has put the rest into savings which he says will be divided amongst his children after he’s gone.

A Lucky Family

And don’t for a minute think that he has given up! Bobby still regularly buys a scratch ticket, claiming that it’s something to do. He has won another $500 since his big win. His son, Greg, also once won $250 000. Seems a lucky family if you ask us!


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