October 17, 2021
Feel good Winner Stories

Lucky Lottery Winners

Lucky Lottery Winners


We’ve covered the world’s biggest lottery winners and plenty of rich and famous lives, but this time we thought we’d round up some of the smaller winners. Winning big is great but winning lower tier prizes also changes lives. In fact, if used wisely, smaller wins can bring about big returns! Here are a few stories of lucky lottery winners:


Illinois Winner

One lucky winner from Illinois took home half a million. The man, known as Joxnlol on Reddit, scooped up the $500 000 prize in April this year. In May he invested half of his winnings into Bitcoin and this month he posted a picture of himself with his winning ticket saying, ‘”Did this. Then put half into BTC in May. Remind me in 8 months if I f****d up.”


If we calculate after taxes, he invested $178 500 in total. According to Coin360 his investment has so far seen close to a 65% gain already. Joxnlol has said that he doesn’t intend to touch that money for at least another year. Besides investing in Bitcoin, he also says that he put money aside for emergencies, a bit for himself, some for tattoos, and then bought a new car and made a down-payment on a house.


Reddit user Joxnlol lottery winner

Image from: lotterypost.com


Massachusetts Instant Ticket Winner

One lucky man from Massachusetts won two instant ticket payouts in the space of just 18 months! Rolf Rhodes first won in May 2018 when he scooped up a $1 million prize in the $10 ‘Hit $1000’ instant lottery game. He chose the lump sum payment of $650 000 and walked away smiling. Then in November this year Rhodes bought a ‘$4 000 000 Instant Jackpot’ ticket and won his second $1 million! This time Rhodes opted for the 20 annual payments of $50 000 each, making sure that he is set for life with a steady income. After all, who needs two lump sum payouts – much better for this lucky lottery winner to secure a good income!


Rolf Rhodes holding winning lottery card

Image from: globalnews.ca


The Big Spin Winner

A new scratch-off ticket called ‘The Big Spin’ was launched in October this year and one lucky big winner was Julia Earp of Wilmington, North Carolina. The grandmother of eight stopped at the Circle K in Wilmington on her way to work and bought a Big Spin scratch-off ticket. The scratch-off game offers three ways to win. Players can win an instant cash prize or the chance to spin a digital wheel online. If they spin the digital wheel they can either win cash or a ‘Big Spin’. The Big Spin winners head over to a live event where they get to spin the big prize wheel. Big spinner are guaranteed a win between $100 000 and half a million and also get an overnight stay in Raleigh with $100 spending money.


Earp, a great gameshow fan, got her chance to spin the wheel. She made sure to spin as hard as she could and won $350 000. Earp says that she plans to use the money to take care of her grandchildren, including paying for their schooling.


Instant Cash Winner

Diane Douville found herself smiling all the way to the bank when she won an instant cash prize of $250 000 earlier this year. This lucky lottery winner from Brantford, Ontario bought an Instant 25x Multiplier Deluxe scratch-off ticket from Gallery of Convenience and walked away with the top prize. The 60-year-old married mother of two said it felt like a dream as she had never won such a big prize before. She plans to pay off some bills and to go on holiday over the Canadian winter.


Diane Douville holding lottery check

Image from: brantfordexpositor.ca


As you can see, winning smaller definitely doesn’t mean coming up short! These winners all won $1 million or less and seem happier than those who win in the billions. Perhaps all we need is that little bit to help ease the financial strain and make our day-to-day lives that little bit easier. You can stand a chance to win big or small by simply Buy lottery tickets online with Sun7lottery.

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