October 23, 2021
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Who Won the National Lottery First?

Who Won the National Lottery First?


The very first UK National Lottery draw was held live on BBC on 19th November 1994. It was hosted by the TV favourites of that day: Noel Edmonds and Anthea Turner. Tickets sold for £1 per line and some 25 million people (about 40% of the population at that time) tuned in to watch the long-awaited draw.


After an hour-long launch with much hype and plenty of glitz, the first numbers were drawn: 30, 3, 5, 44, 14, 22, and the bonus ball of 10. Britain waited with excitement only to find out that the very first draw had failed to create Britain’s first lotto millionaire! The very first jackpot of £5.9 million was shared amongst seven winners who each took home under £840 000.


The First National Lottery Millionaire

However, later that November one lucky man by the name of Mukhtar Mohidin would win the National Lottery’s first rollover jackpot. He became the very first National Lottery millionaire. With all the hype of the weeks-old lottery and by becoming the first lotto millionaire, Mohidin became a household name almost overnight.


Image from: thesun.co.uk


Mohidin was a hard-working, religious man who was popular within his community. He worked as a shift-worker for a chemical factory and had saved enough to buy a workshop which he rented out to supplement his income. He had been happily married to his wife, Sayeeda, for thirteen years. They had three children together and lived in a house in Blackburn. It was one lucky night later in November that Mohidin scooped the lucky rollover jackpot of £18 million. Winning such an unimaginable amount meant he was the envy of almost all.


Money and Love

Unfortunately, gambling is against Islamic teachings and Mohidin was soon shunned from his community who wanted none of his charity.  Not long after the large sum was deposited into his new Yorkshire Bank account, he and his wife fled from Blackburn to find a better life in the Home Counties. Despite the chance at a better life, Mohidin slowly started to turn into a drunk, violent, and womanising playboy.


After giving £100 000 to a dozen family members, the couple went on a world tour. He and his wife argued over spending habits and their different lifestyle ideas. Mohidin was apparently violent and during a heated argument hit her and threatened her with a gun. They divorced in 1998 and Sayeeda received a £5 million settlement, the house and £60 000 in maintenance per year for each of their three children.


The Downward Spiral

Mukhtar Mohidin really started to spiral down after that, reinventing himself as ‘Mike’ and posing as a wealthy investment banker. He did the rounds at top casinos, compulsively gambling and hiring expensive escorts to ease his very obviously loneliness. Mohidin also lavished these escorts with expensive gifts and luxury holidays. He eventually fell in love with an £800-a-night escort called Charlotte Doyle. The 24-year-old became his mistress, leading a jet-setting life until they had a child together in 2002. Unfortunately Mohidin’s return to family life seemed to spark off his old ways and he soon became violent again. The couple separated leaving Mohidin alone with nothing but his bad temper and too much money.


Image from: dailymail.co.uk


Final Days

Mohidin was spotted in Blackpool in his final days, staying at a £35-a-night bed and breakfast accompanied by a woman he had met in Thailand. He died alone at the age of 64 and his funeral was nothing to write home about; no limousines or fancy foods and speeches.


Mukhtar Mohidin could’ve been a happy man with a wonderful life but instead he gave into his weaknesses and became a man no one recognised anymore. Looks like money only brings happiness to those who don’t need it to be happy in the first place!


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