October 26, 2021
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Money and Murder – Doris Murray – Ibi Roncaioli

Money and Murder

It is said that money is the root of all evil. And yet every day millions of people play the lotto in hopes of hitting the jackpot. For those lucky few who do strike it rich, their lives are changed forever. And whether you do everything wrong or choose to be smart, sometimes your luck runs out. You may lose more than just your fortune in the end. Our money and murder article covers two such instances.


Money and Murder in Canada



THE DOCTOR’S WIFE: Ibi Roncaioli

In 2003 almost 12 years after winning her share of a $10 million jackpot, Ibi Roncaioli was found dead in her Ontario mansion. It was believed the 66-year-old had died of natural causes due to her lifestyle. A lifestyle consisting of gambling, smoking and heavy drinking. However, after an autopsy, it was revealed that something sinister was at play. Ibi Roncaioli had been poisoned!

Roncaioli lived a comfortable life with her husband, Dr Joseph Roncaioli. Joseph ran a successful gynaecological practice in the York region of Canada, in Thornhill. And if the couple wasn’t wealthy before, they definitely were after Ibi’s $5 million winnings! But their life was far from picture-perfect.

By the time of her death, Roncaioli had racked up a whopping $1 million in debt. On top of that, her marriage was crumbling. After thirty years of marriage, the Doctor and his wife lived two very different lives. According to their son, Joseph Roncaioli Jr. “They needed each other, but they didn’t like each other.” And here’s where things get messy.

After it was discovered that Ibi had been poisoned, all signs pointed to her husband. Joseph later admitted that he had injected his wife with painkillers. He claimed that this was done so that Ibi would not feel any pain while he drew blood. Ibi’s health had been declining at a rapid pace.

Dr Roncaoili was charged with his wife’s murder and later convicted of manslaughter in 2008. However, he was only given 7 years imprisonment. Even the already wealthy can be effected by money and murder, so it’s not just the unlucky lottery winners that attract unfortunate endings.

So what happened to the $5 million you may be asking?

Apart from the money spent on her gambling, drinking, and smoking, Ibi split the money among her sons. Joseph Jr received an estimated $800 000 along with her son from a previous relationship.

But wait, there’s more!

A further two million dollars went to a third son that neither her husband or sons knew about!


Doris Murray money and murder



It was on her 41st birthday when Dorris Murray hit the jackpot. The mother of four had won $5 million and immediately set her plans in motion. Dorris told lottery officials that she wanted to pass her fortune on to her grandchildren in the form of trust funds. She also decided to divide her winnings and receive an annual payout over twenty years. Sadly, Dorris never saw these payouts. Tandi Reddick, a lottery spokesperson confirmed that the winnings will continue to be paid in accordance with Dorris Murray’s will.

Only a year after winning the lottery, Murray was found stabbed to death in her home. Members of her family alerted authorities after seeing Derrick Lorenzo Stanley, an ex-boyfriend, leaving her home covered in blood. Stanley led police on a car chase through the city before wrecking his car.

It is suspected that Murray and Stanley had been arguing about their breakup. And while Dorris was open to remaining friends, Stanley could not accept this. But was it purely a lovers quarrel that led to her death or was money the motivator?

A traumatic and unfortunate end to this lucky lottery winner’s life.

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