October 23, 2021
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Useless Items to Buy When You’re a Millionaire

Useless Items to Buy When You’re a Millionaire

All about the kit

gold rucksackGold Backpack – $1,650

Where’s the fun in being incredibly rich unless you’re also incredibly flashy?


The gold rucksack by the Billionaire Boys Club features their trademark diamond dollar pattern, making an excessively expensive item even more over the top. With only 4 of these available at $1650, it’s anyone’s guess at how long before they sell out. bbcicecream.com Source



Diamond Encrusted Bluetooth Headset – $50,000Diamond Encrusted Bluetooth Headset

If your wife is concerned that her big ugly plastic Bluetooth is overpowering her gold and diamond earrings, why not compromise?


Oh, this diamond-encrusted Bluetooth headset is for you? Well, it’s good to know that if you have enough money you can wear any crazy accessory and still be confident in your masculinity. Source



Gold and Diamond Earbuds Gold and Diamond Earbuds – $5,175

We’ve all seen blinged out iPods, but what about earbuds that cost more than your computer?


These 18-carat gold and diamond earphones feature 118 high-quality diamonds and despite all the extra weight are said to be just as comfortable as your cheap plastic pair. Source



Crocodile Skin Umbrella – $50,000Crocodile Skin Umbrella

Maybe crocodile skin would make sense as an efficient water repellent if it wasn’t so damn expensive. At $50000 this umbrella should come with someone to follow you around holding it over your head… seriously that beats a blogger’s salary.


Hey rich guys, if you’re reading this, skip the crocodile skin and hire me to hold a regular umbrella over your head. That’ll definitely get your more attention at eccentric rich guy parties. Seriously, if you’re interested. Source



Most Expensive Fishing LureMillion Dollar Fishing Lure

Not everything is enhanced by adding glamourous diamonds and rubies!


However, that didn’t stop MacDaddy Fishing Lures from creating the “Million Dollar Fishing Lure”. Three pounds of platinum means it’s sure to sink fast, but we doubt it would help you catch a million-dollar fish. macdaddysfishinglures.com Source




Louis Vuitton Skateboard – $8,250Louis Vuitton Skateboard

If you’re a skater you probably have no interest in a Louis Vuitton skateboard. But to be fair, anyone interested in a Louis Vuitton skateboard for over $8000, probably isn’t too interested in actually skateboarding with it either.


This is a great example of what being rich is all about! To own one of three designer collectables that aren’t intended for use. The board premiered at the launch of their new location in SoHo where you could also snag one of 70 $250 T-shirts. Source



Alvar Aalto doorstop – $3500Alvar Aalto doorstop

While the rest of us are using cinder blocks we found outside for doorstops, somewhere in some mansion there’s a chunk of cement holding a door open worth $3500.


You may (but probably don’t) notice that this doorstop is shaped like an Alvar Aalto Savoy vase. That’s because it was cast in an original vase, which was then shattered to release the cement doorstop. While the Aalto doorstop looks pretty cool, it may just be a waste of a perfectly good vase (and $3500). mattermatters.com



Posh Instant Noodles – $43Luxury Instant Noodles

Yep, even instant noodles come in the luxury form.


For $43 a cup, you can have one of 100 exclusive Pot Noodle cups. Each posh noodle comes in a hand-flocked gold leaf pot and because you like to be civilized while you eat your instant noodles, it also comes with a fork and table linen. One good thing about the exorbitant price tag: the proceeds go to charity so you can help the less fortunate while you indulge. Source



Glace Balls of IceGlace Balls of Ice – $40

Ice cubes are for squares. VIPs know that the really good ice comes in hand-carved spheres of ice made from Canadian purified water. Now instead of paying too much for a bottle of water, you can drop a small fortune on just the ice instead. On the bright side ice balls supposedly don’t dilute your equally expensive drink and cool it evenly.
glace-ice.com Source



Diamond Contact Lense – $15 000Diamond Contact Lense

They say the eyes are the window to the soul. So why not frame them with diamonds and gold just because? These Diamond and Gold contact lenses are sure to put a sparkle in your eye. The lenses are said to last to up to a year, should you choose to use them on a regular basis. And if you find the 18 diamonds too flashy, you have the option of plain old gold or white gold. Source.



Golden Toilet Paper Golden Toilet Paper – $1 376 000

Yes, you read that correctly.


The 24-carat gold roll of loo paper pictured, not only exists but was actually sold! On top of that, it was hand-delivered with a bottle of champagne. The real shocker here is that its actually safe for use. Can’t be sure about who would use it but there has to be a king Midas joke somewhere in there. Source.


We hope you enjoyed looking at these Useless Items to Buy When You’re a Millionaire. Click here to see what else you could buy.


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