October 23, 2021
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A Lotto Winners Shopping List

A Lotto Winners Shopping List

When you win the lottery, a shopping spree is sure to follow. Of course, you get the essentials out of the way first. A new house or two, a faster car and maybe even pay off all your student loans. Then comes the gifts for friends and family because there’s no better feeling than spoiling those you love. But then what? What is there to do with the rest of your winnings? Our article explores some shopping list ideas.


Well, if you’re not one for charity or don’t feel inclined to blow it all on drugs, booze or gambling, there are so many other options!

A Lotto Winners Shopping List

1. New Knees Needed

While plastic surgery is another popular option among lottery winners, this elderly couple took a different approach. Tony and Greta Dodd scored a £2 million jackpot and proceeded to spoil each other with a new set of knees each! Greta, who had always enjoyed a good line dance, had been forced to give it all up to severe joint problems.


Four knee replacements later and the dancing queen was on her feet once more. Dancing the night away with her husband.


2. Need some space?

Real estate is almost always an excellent investment when you have the cash for it. David Copeland went the extra mile (literally) and bought himself an acre of land on the moon. Now, you don’t have to be a millionaire to buy a plot on the moon as it only costs a few hundred pounds. Which explains why Copeland went on to buy himself an acre plot on both Venus and Mars. The £1-million winner has said that his life hasn’t changed much. In fact, he left his former job as a lab technician to become a driving instructor. And since winning, has spent the same amount of money each week as he did before.


3. Sister Surgery

Yes, plastic surgery is one of the more common choices but not for Sarah Cockings. Instead, she paid for her sisters to get some work done. “My sisters were both going to take out loans for breast enlargements, so I paid £5,000 for them to go to Harley Street for the surgery. Emma needed the confidence boost – she was really slim and had no cleavage left after breastfeeding her son. Meanwhile, Alex is a size 12 but didn’t have the breasts to match her figure” Sarah said.


4. A Field of memories

We all have our favourite spots around the world or even near home. For Mark Fielden, that spot was a field. Situated next to the school he attended in 1957, Fielden walked by it every day. Appreciating the view and never dreaming that it would be his 50 years later. The Lancashire resident has since decided to keep his chickens and geese on his field with plenty of space to roam.


5. The luck of the Irish

In the true and stereotypical nature of an Irishman, Peter Lavery invested around half of his £10 million winnings in a whiskey distillery! And where would he have built it you may ask? Lavery went on to build his lucrative distillery in a disused jail.


The possibilities are truly endless when you have cash on hand. However, how you choose to spend it will make or break you. Of course, if you’re smart about, you can always pay to fix the latter.


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