October 23, 2021
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The Unluckiest Lucky Man in the world – Frank Salek

The Unluckiest Lucky Man in the world – Frank Salek

The Unluckiest Lucky Man in the world: 7 Brushes with death and winning $ 1000 000


7 Brushes with death and winning $ 1,000 000.00

A Croatian man by the name of Frank Salek is a lucky man!


Although he has gained notoriety as being the unluckiest man in the world after allegedly living through seven brushes with death. – Lucky to be alive!


But that isn’t where his tale ends. The elderly music teacher had a change in luck and won one million dollars.


Train Crash and Icy Waters

It all began in January of 1962. While commuting to Dubrovnik from Sarajevo, Salek’s train derailed from its tracks and plunged into an icy river. That day, seventeen passengers lost their lives. As for Salek, he managed to escape with a broken arm, minor scrapes and bruises, and hypothermia.

Plane Crash and Lucky Landing

The following year, a plane flying between Zagreb and Rijeka lost its door due to its malfunctioning mechanism. Frank, then 34, was sucked out of the plane and miraculously landed on a haystack. The other passengers were not as lucky.

Bus Crash and Swim to Land

Fast forward three years to 1966 and Salek is once again on the road. This time on a bus. After skidding off the road the bus nose-dived into yet another river. The unlucky fellow swam to shore relatively unharmed apart from a few cuts and bruises.

Car Trouble Twice

The early 1970s were not any kinder. In the year 1970, Frank escaped from his car right before a fault in his fuel system caused it to go up in flames. Three years later he found himself in almost the exact same position. Only this time, the flames were forced through the air vents. Of course, no injuries were reported although a good portion of his hair had been singed.

Walking Less Dangerous?

At this point, you’d think that Frank would avoid using any and every mode of transport known to man, considering his bad luck. However, this was proven to be pointless by the accident of 1995. While in Zagreb, he was hit by a bus.  Somehow he managed to escape with minor injuries.

Might as well drive

And then 1996 rolls around. Salek is once more behind the wheel and navigating a mountain pass. In an attempt to avoid an oncoming truck, he swerves. His car goes flying off the cliff and as this scene unfolds, the car door flies opening. Frank, who was not wearing a seatbelt, is ejected from his car. Only to land in a tree where he watched his car fall 300 feet.

Lucky Man, Lucky Break

In 2003, it seemed the universe decided to throw the world’s unluckiest man a bone. At the ripe old age of 73, Frank Salek won the equivalent of $1,000 000.


“You could look at it two ways,” he said during an interview. “I was either the unluckiest man in the world or the luckiest. I preferred to believe the latter.”


Frank’s die-hard optimism is truly inspiring.


As for how he spent his winnings, all we know is that one or two houses and boats were purchased. However, by 2010, Salek chose to give up his fortune by sharing it amongst friends and family. Today he lives off of pension and has settled down with his fifth wife.


While many are sceptical of Frank’s brushes with death, he still holds the title of the worlds Luckiest Unlucky Man.


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