October 26, 2021
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COVID-19 Effects the Lottery

COVID-19 Effects the Lottery

The current COVID-19 pandemic has drastically changed the everyday lives of billions all over the world. However, the way in which COVID-19 effects the lottery industry isn’t all bad news. With a majority of citizens forced to stay under lock down, many industries are struggling under the loss of revenue. And like these industries, the lottery sector has had to adapt to what could be the new norm.


Recently, VIXIO GamblingCompliance in association with the European Lotteries (EL) group hosted an online webinar to discuss the future of the lottery sector. The webinar reviewed the impact of the crisis. Arjan van ‘t Veer, EL Secretary General addressed the 250 participants.


He then went on to say: “I have seen many EL Members take necessary continuity measure to make sure operations can continue. In the first days of the lock down, there was a tremendous drop in sales, as retailers closed their doors and draws were postponed or cancelled. Early on, Members that operate slot machines, EGMs or casinos took their responsibility to close, in order to reduce large public gatherings. As the lock down spread across Europe, more POSs were closed (some up to 100%) and sports betting took a major hit.’’

Switching to online lotto playing

Despite the bad news, Mr. van ‘t Veer had some good news to add. “Many lotteries have seen a significant increase in online sales share, due to the retail channel limitations and customers’ willingness to have a chance to continue to play. Fortunately, this is even supported by high jackpots of both, local Lotto games and Eurojackpot/ Euromillions, attracting even occasional players to participate. This is something that lotteries will need to adjust to support, for example, their elderly customers concerned about going to their usual retailer with advice on how to play online.


Some of them will probably remain the online customers, benefiting from the convenience of on-line channel, which will partially increase the future on-line channel share. Nevertheless, plenty of the players will revert back to play in retail, especially those needing the social contact connected with the play.”

The future of land-based lottery operators

While this is good news for all online lottery operators, the shift of consumers could spell trouble for land-based operators. The lockdown left operators without vendors and thus little to no income and countless losses. Under current circumstances Pen and paper lottery will be unable to compete


On the 24th of April, Costa Rica called for the suspension of lottery draws. By the end of May, estimated losses sat at $8.5 million. The government provided financial support for around 2000 vendors. Offering up to $342 000 per month per entity. However, this will only be available until June.


“Retail and land-based lottery operators need to embrace the shift to online and be a part of this global digital movement in order to continue to thrive in the lottery sector for years to come,” he said.


The way COVID-19 effects the lottery is somewhat of a win-lose situation. And so far the solution lies with online lottery networks. So why not be a part of the solution. Buy your tickets online now with Sun7Lottery.

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