January 23, 2022
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Man’s best friend- Dogs who helped win the lottery

Man’s best friend- Dogs who helped win the lottery


As the saying goes, a dog is a man’s best friend. This time however, man’s best friend turned out to be their luckiest of charms. These amazing animals been part of our families for centuries, providing us with comfort, company and protection. They excel in many fields of work as guide dogs, therapy animals, livestock herders as well as guard dogs. But in this case man’s best friend was the reason for a life-changing event. A lottery win. Here are three stories of beloved pups who helped their families win the lottery.



In September of 2015, British couple Jane and Alan Slater won big in the Euro-Millions lotto. This happy couple gained a whopping £149 000. This win, however, had nothing to do with their golden Labrador Ruby. Not this time, but in their second win their beloved Ruby was all paws!


While sniffing around the backseat of the car, little Ruby discovered a second lottery ticket. This ticket which had been in a discarded catalogue, caught Jane’s eye.


“I really can’t explain the way this piece of paper floated,” She explained “It was like slow-motion in films, as though someone wanted me to notice it.


The second ticket was worth the exact same amount as their first win. This doubled their prize to an astonishing £298 000. The couple who have played the same numbers for the past twenty years. They ensured that Ruby received her share of the winnings, since she discovered the second ticket, in the form of lots of doggy- treats and new toys!



Man's Best Friend

source: 3milliondogs.com


An Alberta couple have their two dogs, and a bag of scone mix, to thank for their winning $14 million. The Labrador and German Shepherd played around with a packet of scone mixture leaving Christian and Monique Etienne with a huge mess to clean up.


Christian went to rent a carpet cleaner at the local gas station where upon he decided to purchase a lotto ticket.


A few days later Christian returned to the gas station and at the self-checkout he was made aware that he had won the $14 million jackpot. So, 2 dogs and a packet of scone mix resulted in a change of lifestyle.




The Christmas holiday season is a time to enjoy with the family and to shower each other with love and appreciation. To Bill Kelly, this means filling the three Christmas stockings in his home one of which belongs to the family dog.

Bill had purchased 3 lotto tickets for $20 each. When he checked their tickets, the winning ticket belonged to Kelly’s dog!


“Giving Florida Lottery Scratch-Off tickets as Christmas gifts is one of my holiday traditions,” the 38 year old, of Ocoee, Florida, said. “I always hope to at least win my money back and I play to win, but I never expected this.”


This just goes to show and further proves that treating your pets with the love they deserve could be the greatest thing you could ever do!


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