October 26, 2021
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North Carolina: Hurricane Victims win the lottery

North Carolina: Hurricane Victims win the lottery


Three North Carolina hurricane victims found themselves in good fortune after each won the lottery. The timing could not have been more perfect.


In 2019 the Atlantic hurricane season left devastation in its path for the Carolinas. All in all there were a total of 18 storms and six hurricanes of which three of these hurricanes registered as category 3 or above. As expected, these storms left many destitute and some with huge damage to their homes. While many were left to salvage what they could and rebuild their homes and lives,


Mark Hall Jr. – $200 000

Hurricane Victim

source: fox6now.com


The aftermath of both Hurricanes Matthew and Florence, left Mark Hall Jr with a very damaged home. Despite this tragedy Mark purchased a $5 lottery ticket at his local Sun-Do 7-1. This young man from Raleigh won a whopping $200 000 lottery prize. This winning lottery ticket was purchased at the same time when he stopped for gas at the Sun-Do 7-11.


Mark Hall Jr has already decided how he will utilise his winnings.


“The home I’m living in was damaged by both storms,” he said. “We still have repairs to do. I’ll use some of the money for that, but I also want to use the money to go to school. I wasn’t able to go after I graduated high school. I do landscaping and electrical work right now, but after I go back to school, I could open my own business. This is going to open up a whole new world for me.”


Jerry Wood – $100 000

Construction worker, Jerry Wood found himself in total disbelief after discovering his $100 000 win. Stopping off at the Quality Food Market on his way home from work Jerry purchased a $5 Million Cash scratch-off ticket. Checking his ticket on the lottery app he was notified of his winnings.


“When it said I was a winner I thought, ‘Great! Maybe I won $1 000,” Wood said. “When I scratched the front of the ticket and saw that I won $100,000, I was in shock. I couldn’t believe it.”


Wood realising that there were many who were suffering from the aftermath of Hurricane Dorian he felt compelled to assist where he could, which he then did.


“There’s a lot of people out on Ocracoke Island that still need help,” Wood said. “We were able to help a little, but now this win puts us in a position to do more.”


David Burnette – $50 000

In December of 2019, David Burnette, a Hurricane Florence victim won $50 000 in the Mega Millions draw. David welcomed the much needed cash win after the devastation of the hurricane.


“I called out to my wife to come and check the numbers,” Burnette said.


The retired gentleman’s $3 Mega-plier ticket originally earned him $10 000 but once it was multiplied when the 5X had been drawn, it resulted in an amazing $50 000.


With his winnings, the hurricane victim planned to repair the damage caused to his family home.


In the aftermath of disaster a little luck goes a long way. Try your luck now with Sun7Lottery.

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