October 26, 2021
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Beginner’s Luck- Teen dad wins £120 000

Beginner’s Luck- Teen dad wins £120 000


Nineteen-year-old Sam Lawton was astounded when he won an incredible £120 000 on his first ever attempt at the Lottery. Talk about beginner’s luck!


Beginner’s Luck and a Bathtub

While relaxing in the bathtub, the young dad decided he was going to play the lottery. He then purchased a £1,50 ticket on the National Lottery mobile app.


“I downloaded the National Lottery app, set up an account, put £10 into my account and then played a Lucky Dip and I did all this whilst having a bath,” Lawton said.


Just over an hour later, Sam was notified that he had won £10 000 per month for the next 12 months. Having never played the Lottery before he asked partner Connie with whom he has a one-year-old son, to take a look. As 20-year-old Connie had no experience in the lottery either.


“She had never played before so we called her brother Craig who has been playing the lottery for years”.


I sent him a screengrab of my phone screen and he said “I am on my way, don’t move” and within five minutes, he was at our front door.


Once we had all checked the ticket we sat there in disbelief, wondering if it could possibly be true.


Understandably it was a sleepless night for Sam with all the excitement, but still he went to work as usual.


“I started work at 8 am and called the National Lottery hotline to check if I had won and by 8.45 am I was on my way home as a winner.”


“It was so surreal because a few of us had been talking about Set For Life the week before. We were saying what would we do if we won, and there I was a winner.”



Sam celebrated his win in the most common lottery winner fashion by going on a shopping spree.


“We went on a trip to the Bullring in Birmingham city centre after I had it all confirmed that I was the winner. “We splurged a good £1,000 on shopping, it’s the most we’ve ever spent on clothes.”


The young couple said they plan on spoiling their young son Noah and using the money to set themselves up for family life.


“A house is the number priority as we are a young family we are renting at the moment.


“We’ve already had a conversation about our jobs and this would be a lovely retirement fund if you were in your 80s.


“But at 19-years-old it’s just not feasible, however, £120,000 is a lot of money and what we do with that could set us up for life.


“We have an opportunity to grow on it whether it’s through investments or other routes.”


While all plans for the future seem to be set in stone, Sam has a personal goal too.


“The next thing on my list is a driving licence. I haven’t passed my test and with a small family, I need wheels, maybe a BMW 1 Series.


“The win will allow me to learn to drive and get a car straight away – which is amazing.”


It’s clear that the young man is more than ready to get behind the wheel. Going on to say that he is ‘so over walking.’


Hopefully, beginner’s luck followed him to that driving test!

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