October 17, 2021
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£58 Million EuroMillions Lockdown Winner

£58 Million EuroMillions Lockdown Winner


Yet another Lockdown winner has claimed their millions. With lockdown in place all over the world, Lockdown Winners have been popping up all over the place. Millions of players have migrated to online lottery networks. Most have found the transition easy and even opting to continue playing online as opposed to the traditional pen and paper method.


A Jaw Dropping Discovery

Ryan Hoyle who usually bought his tickets at his local store came across an email from the National lottery. The email was titled ‘News about your ticket’ and at first glance looked to confirm a win of 2 euros. Upon further inspection, Hoyle made the jaw dropping discovery of a £58 Million win! Turns out, his second line had matched the winning numbers from the draw on the 17th of April 2020.


“I always wake up early and was sat on the edge of my bed but couldn’t work out what I was looking at. The email linked to my account which looked like a lot of numbers, and I thought it might be millions but I couldn’t believe what my eyes were seeing. I couldn’t make sense of it and really needed to talk to someone so I called Mum and Dad. It was 6am so they assumed that I had locked myself out of the flat somehow as it has happened before!” Ryan told EuroMillions officials


News of Ryan’s good fortune spread very rapidly and by dinner time he had received many congratulatory messages.


Ryan said, “I think everyone I have ever known must have heard the news – I’ve had so many messages and texts from people I haven’t heard from in years. All of them wishing me well.”


The news may take some time to sink in for the 38 year old.


“It has been a long weekend and I’m struggling to sleep. I can’t stop pacing either, I can’t stay still just trying to make sense of it all. I couldn’t keep it quiet, that’s for sure, and look how far the news has spread already. I guess it’s true that good news does travel fast!”


EuroMillions Lockdown Winner

source: news.sky.com


Post Lockdown Plans

First on the Winners shopping list is a car to make travelling around a little easier for himself and his 11 year old daughter.


“I haven’t driven a car in over five years and have no idea what the options are. I guess I’ll have a look in Rochdale and see what they’ve got.”


“I doubt it will be a sports car or anything too flash as that’s not me”


Hoyle also plans on purchasing a new house. This will be a major improvement from the one bedroom apartment he currently rents. Although he plans on building his dream house in the future. The happy dad has no plans to live beyond his means and won’t be building anything flashy.


“You don’t need a swimming pool in Greater Manchester; it’s not hot enough.”


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