October 23, 2021

Missing Millionaires: Cam Lyman and Ambrose Small

Missing Millionaires: Cam Lyman and Ambrose Small


Missing Millionaires never go unnoticed. It is estimated over half a million people go missing in the US each year. This number increases astronomically when the entire world is taken into account. Over time many have become so accustomed to, and almost emotionless to tragedies such as these. Yet when a person of status disappears without a trace interest is piqued.


To disappear without a trace while leaving a life of luxury behind creates a lot of awareness. With that said, we list two of the most mysterious and tragic Millionaire disappearances.


Missing Millionaires

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Cam Lyman

In 1997 the mystery surrounding the disappearance and murder of Cam Lyman caught the attention of the US public.


Born Camilla Lowell Lyman, a trans-man and champion dog breeder was heir to a $2.1 million estate, disappeared with a case full of jewels, cash and clothes. It was rumoured that the 54 year old may travelled to Europe for sex reassignment surgery but this could not be confirmed. Neither his estranged family nor any of his friends could give any reason for his sudden disappearance. The following year, his family reported Lyman missing after none of the family received their annual Christmas card from him.


Ten years after his disappearance, Cam Lymans body was discovered in the septic tank on his Estate. It was then revealed that he had been shot and his body thrown into the septic tank, weighed down with a cinder block.


Investigators immediately turned to George O’Neil, who was Lyman’s sole confidant and Estate Manager.


O’Neil denied any knowledge of the murder and no evidence was ever brought forward to prove otherwise. He was however later found guilty of embezzling from the Lyman Estate. Eight years after his conviction, George O’Neil died without giving any further information on the murder, leaving Cam Lymans disappearance and murder a complete mystery.


Missing Millionaires

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Ambrose Small

A ruthless business mogul, avid gambler and infamous womanizer Ambrose Smalls inexplicable disappearance would certainly not go unnoticed.


The year was 1919. On December 1st of the same year, Small sold all his theatre businesses, earning him a profit of 1.7 million Canadian Dollars which was immediately deposited into his bank account. At this point things became a little mysterious.


It was reported that the following evening Small left his office after meeting with his attorney and never returned, leaving behind all of his fortune as well as his wife, Theresa.


This particular case was only reported a month later which derived a quite a bit of interest. Only once his wife Theresa offered a $50 000 reward for her missing husband did this particular case get the attention it should. The reward however, was never claimed and Small was never found.


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