October 17, 2021

Biggest Unclaimed Lotto Winnings

Biggest Unclaimed Lotto Winnings


Each year Lotto prizes worth millions go unclaimed. For the most part the total amount of unclaimed lotto winnings is the product of smaller wins which are often overlooked. But every once in a while a massive jackpot is won but never claimed. Leaving the ticket to inevitably expire. Here are some of the largest lotto jackpots that have gone unclaimed:


EuroMillions – £64 Million

Coming in at one of EuroMillions’ biggest unclaimed wins, is a winning ticket purchased in Hertfordshire of the United Kingdom in 2012.


The National lottery tried everything in their power to coax the lucky winner out from hiding in order to claim their prize. They even went as far as using billboard campaigns but despite their efforts and countless appeals, the ticket went unclaimed.


By December 5th of the same year, the ticket expired and the money was donated to the National Lottery Good Causes which donates all unclaimed cash prizes to various charities around the UK.


Powerball – $51.7 Million

In September of 2002, the US Powerball experienced its very first unclaimed win. At the time the American lottery game had only been in operation for 10 years.


As the ticket was purchased in Indianapolis, the Indiana lottery office pulled out all the stops in hopes of finding their winner. Commercials were aired and events were held at the very store the winning ticket was purchased. However, their attempts were in vain as the winner never came forward to claim their prize.


Mega millions – $68 Million

Yet another of the unclaimed lotto winnings left past it’s expiry date. The Mega Millions ticket bought in Queens, New York for a Christmas eve draw was worth a staggering $68 Million.


But here’s where the story takes a turn. Almost an entire year later, a man by the name of Fritzner Bechette appeared. He adamantly claimed that he was in fact the rightful winner of the previous year’s Christmas Eve Draw. And when lottery officials disregarded his claims, he filed a lawsuit against them.


His defence? Bechette claimed to have lost his ticket in a “non-retrievable situation.”


In the end, investigators found no proof of the winning ticket within the New York State Lottery’s archive.


Unclaimed lotto wins


Why do so many tickets go unclaimed?

The most obvious answer would be that people often misplace or even forget about their tickets. Another common occurrence is that players automatically assume that they have not won anything when it is revealed that they have not won the jackpot. However, secondary prizes are always available. These prizes may be a little less than the jackpot but they are sure to make a change.


Forgetting or even losing your lotto ticket may be the reason you miss out on a life changing win. As the world continues to go digital, it is only natural for lottery games to follow suit. Purchase your tickets online today at Sun7Lottery.

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