October 26, 2021

Richest Female Criminals: Virginia Hill

Richest Female Criminals: Virginia Hill


Throughout history, men have dominated the world of organised crime. We’ve had countless tales of ruthless mob bosses, bloodthirsty drug lords and the likes flooding history books and movie theatres alike. However, one does wonder about the women who support these villains who often go unnoticed. Whether the perfect housewife or the favoured lady who accompanies these notorious racketeers.


These women often remain in the background within the “Boys Club” of the crime world, but many are more than what they seem to be. Virginia Hill is one such woman. A gorgeous ‘southern belle’ who soon learnt that a pretty face and a touch of charm is all that is needed.

Virginia Hill

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Virginia “Queen of the Mob” Hill

Traditionally, women within organized crime units were given roles of service such as servers, petty thefts and prostitutes. At 17 years old Virginia Hill took up a waitressing position at the mob owned San Carlo Italian Village in Chicago. It was here where she became involved with members of the Chicago Outfits. One of whom was the affluent bookmaker Joe Epstein. He took a liking to the young girl, tipping her extravagantly and soon enough he began accompanying her to mob parties.


As they mingled with the rich and famous, Epstein discerned that Virginia could be a useful asset. She was sexy, smart and streetwise. She was motivated by money and enjoyed the attention of men. Yet, she was prudent enough not to let either cloud her judgement.


Epstein took Virginia on as his apprentice. He encouraged her to place large cash bets at the racecourse, paying her a commission. It was her role to charm men into making poor betting choices while the duo made a fortune together.

Richest Female Criminals: Virginia Hill

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The Rise

Under the guidance of her mentor, Virginia developed her skills and taste for the finer things in life. She began working with different mob members, taking on roles usually only given to men. Utilizing her criminal talents, looks and sex appeal, Hill rose through the ranks of the underworld. She sat as an equal among the most infamous male racketeers in the United States. Most notably her lover Benjamin “Bugsy” Siegel.


Virginia and Benjamin made the perfect match. Their union was that of two professional criminals, with varied expertise ranging from money laundering through to Mexican narcotics. However, the relationship soon became destructive and violent as most whirlwind romances in the criminal world did. The relationship ended abruptly. Whilst away in France, Virginia received the devastating news of her lover’s murder. Siegel, who had been staying at her Las Vegas home, had been fatally shot. Soon after which, Hill’s life began to fall apart.


The Beginning of the end

Moving to Switzerland to avoid the IRS, Virginia’s mental health took a negative turn. Her mental instability began at a very young age and she had a history of suicide attempts throughout her life. Hill was one of ten children born in Alabama to a horse trader. As a child, her father would often beat her. Her adult life in the city as a mobster was no better due to her abusive relationship with Siegel.


During March of 1966, the lifeless body of Virginia Hill was found in the snow beside a tree. Her coat was found nearby with what seemed to be a suicide note stating that she was ‘tired of life.’


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