October 26, 2021
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Half a Million Win for Swansea Granny

Half a Million Win for Swansea Granny

A Swansea Grandmother is celebrating her win of Half a Million pounds thanks to her lucky numbers which are made up of various family members’ birthdays.


The Winning Ticket

Sue Davis and her husband are now looking to buy a brand new house of their own following their amazing win. The senior couple from Penyrheol, Swansea followed their usual routine of playing the lotto until their lucky win on Saturday.


“We pick up our tickets with the weekly shopping on a Friday and then Alan checks them on the iPad on the Saturday. He came upstairs to tell me, and I just couldn’t believe it – I can’t repeat what I actually said! I rang our three daughters then to tell them the good news”


A Welcome Win

Mr and Mrs Davis have been living in a three bedroom council house for the past eight years. Whilst they were housebound due to the mandatory quarantine, it became clear to them that their house was not the ideal home for them.


“It will be lovely to be able to own our own home. We have realised over these last few months, with spending so much time at home, that this isn’t the most suitable home for us anymore”.


Sue who was employed as a machinist, has various medical issues affecting her lungs and joints.


“I find it difficult to get around and have been dreaming about a bungalow throughout lockdown, because these stairs are becoming more and more difficult, as my health deteriorates. It’s very hard to get around.”


“We haven’t had much luck as a family over the years, so this win is really welcome.” says the grandmother of eight.


In 2008, Mr Davies had to resign in order to care for their son Karl who had been diagnosed with cancer. Today Karl is 23 and has made a full recovery. His mother however, had also stopped working to care for him despite her condition.


Luckily, this challenging time has taken a positive turn for the family thanks to their Thunderball lottery win.

Half a Million Win for Swansea Granny

Photo credit: Huw John, www.wales247.co.uk

“Our Thunderball number is 12, which is the birthday of one of our young grandsons. We have won the odd fiver here and there over the years, but winning half a million pounds is amazing! I’ve actually surprised myself with how calm I’ve remained about it all. After a tough few months, this really is great news. We’re looking forward to celebrating at home with the family and plenty of champagne when we can!”


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