September 27, 2021
Feel good Winner Stories



It seems that when luck comes knocking, it knows no age. Usually one would see young or middle-aged, smiling faces on media pages should you look to lotto winner stories. Yet, as mentioned, luck knows no age. Here is a list dedicated to the ‘oldest’ lottery winners:



In 2010 Nguyen Van Het, the first recorded ‘elderly’ lottery winner was revealed.  Just prior to the lunar new year he purchased a lottery ticket only to discover that he held the winning ticket worth $400 000.



At the time of his win, Nguyen was 97 years old and living in poverty. As the news of his win spread his home was soon filled with people asking for financial help. As he understood the plight of these people only too well, being poor his entire life, this elderly lotto winner handed out generous amounts to all those who came knocking.  Eventually, local officials needed to intervene to curb his generosity.


Having that done, what did he do with the remainder of his winnings?


Nguyen treated himself and his wife to a TV and some good meat. Remaining true to his generous nature he also purchased a sack of rice for each household living in the same alley where he stayed.



Having won the lottery TWICE, Lena Eaton was dubbed “the luckiest great-grandmother in the United States”



The Indianapolis resident scooped two major wins just three months apart. Her first win was in August of 2013 when Lena took home $300 000 followed by $99 000 in the following November.



Our third ‘elderly’ lottery winner is also the winner of one of the biggest lottery jackpots in history!


In May of 2013, 84-year-old Gloria Mackenzie won an astonishing $590 million Powerball jackpot. Gloria stated that she owes her fortune to a kind stranger who was gracious enough to allow her in front of him to purchase her ticket. 



George Shaffer made an unconventional choice when he won the lottery, as an elderly lottery winner, and opted to receive his prize as an annuity. It was in 1987 at the age of 92 that the retired welder became a winner and when questioned about his win, George stated:


“I never was a lover of money. But maybe my wife will like this,”  he later added that he would use his prize money to buy a new home and hire someone to take care of him and his wife Glenna.



On December 11th, 1999 Gracie Vera Coulson age 87, earned her position amongst the oldest lottery winners. Coulson collected £5 451 939 but only received a portion of that amount as she was found to be part of a lottery syndicate.


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