September 21, 2019
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How to Feel Richer Than You Are

How to Feel Richer Than You Are   Is your low bank balance getting you down? Wishing you could feel like a millionaire but you just haven’t won the lottery yet?   Don’t worry – we know just how to make you feel like a millionaire, without the millions. We came up with a few […]Continue Reading
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Unlucky Lotto Winners

Unlucky Lotto Winners When we talk about winning the lottery we tend to always imagine great thing – financial freedom, eternal happiness, a beautiful house and luxuries we’d only dreamed of. But winning the lottery isn’t always sunshine and roses! In fact, here are a few lottery winners who tell quite a different story:   […]Continue Reading


 SuperEnalotto   We all know plenty about the US lotto and a fair amount about EuroMillions. They have seen some of the highest lotto jackpots in world history with the USA MegaMillion and Powerball giving jackpots over $1 billion. But there is another lotto which is highly underrated – the Italian SuperEnalotto – and its […]Continue Reading
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How One Man Grew His Lottery Winnings

How One Man Grew His Lottery Winnings Winning the lottery is one thing, keeping quiet about it and growing your winnings is quite another. One South African lottery winner has, however, achieved just that.   A Rough Start   In August 2015 Paul Williams (not his real name) was in a bad spot. Poor Paul […]Continue Reading

Living on Mars – will it be for the rich?

Living on Mars – will it be for the rich?   Humans have dreamed of living on Mars since the 19th century, with plenty of science fiction novels and movies on the subject. However, the reality of Mars colonisation has always been far off, with technology not being up to scratch and the costs being […]Continue Reading