February 19, 2020
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$1 Million Facts You Probably Didn’t Know

$1 Million Facts You Probably Didn’t Know   Way back in the day $1 million seemed like an unimaginable amount of money but now it’s more like back pocket change – in the world of the wealthy at least! We thought, with $1 million now being seen as small fry, we’d give you some totally […]Continue Reading
Big lottery winners

Biggest Lottery Jackpots 2019

Biggest Lottery Jackpots 2019   What’s better than seeing just how big the jackpots can climb and hearing the stories of those who won against all odds? Well, besides actually winning the jackpot, not much.   We decided to gather the biggest jackpots of 2019 (so far) and share a little bit of the magic […]Continue Reading

What Not to Do if You Win A Billion

What Not to Do if You Win A Billion So you’ve won the lottery! As a newly-minted billionaire we bet you’re filled with disbelief and excitement at entering the world of the rich and famous. But wait! Before you go crazy and buy those ten Ferrari’s and your own private island, there are a few […]Continue Reading