December 8, 2021
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Feel good Winner Stories


OLDEST LOTTERY WINNERS It seems that when luck comes knocking, it knows no age. Usually one would see young or middle-aged, smiling faces on media pages should you look to lotto winner stories. Yet, as mentioned, luck knows no age. Here is a list dedicated to the ‘oldest’ lottery winners: Continue Reading
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Most Expensive Celebrity Cars

Most Expensive Celebrity Cars Celebrities rarely shy away from showing off all of their expensive taste. Every day social media is flooded with pictures of celebrities surrounded by the finer things in life. Often you will see them clothed in the latest fashion or simply posing enthusiastically in front of their newly acquired holiday homes. […]Continue Reading
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Millionaire Murderers: The Menendez Brothers

Millionaire Murderers: The Menendez Brothers Money is power. The more money you have, the more power you hold. Sometimes this concept can be taken too literally by those surrounded by wealth. So much so that they believe they are untouchable. To an extent, this can be true. Money has the power to sway one’s morals. […]Continue Reading
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Celebrities Who Died in Debt

Celebrities Who Died in Debt Life moves fast and even more so, for the rich and famous and often celebrities just do not cope well.  Frequently this situation leads to dreadful coping habits due to their fame.  Often they have less at the end, than what they actually started with. Even though their talent brought […]Continue Reading
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Most Absurd Celebrity Purchases

Most Absurd Celebrity Purchases Celebrities are known for weird things. Whether it be names for their children, strange hobbies or even fashion choices. The world watches the rich and famous. What do they do with all the money? One of the first things most celebrities do is spend some on whatever their heart desires. Sometimes, […]Continue Reading

Richest Female Criminals: Virginia Hill

Richest Female Criminals: Virginia Hill   Throughout history, men have dominated the world of organised crime. We’ve had countless tales of ruthless mob bosses, bloodthirsty drug lords and the likes flooding history books and movie theatres alike. However, one does wonder about the women who support these villains who often go unnoticed. Whether the perfect […]Continue Reading

Missing Millionaires: Steve Fossett

Missing Millionaires: Steve Fossett Missing Millionaires never go unnoticed, especially those who are world renowned. Take Steve Fossett for example. This wealthy businessman built his reputation as a world record holder in over 100 aviation and sailing records. When he mysteriously disappeared, thousands of dollars were spent on search and rescue efforts. By the end […]Continue Reading

Biggest Unclaimed Lotto Winnings

Biggest Unclaimed Lotto Winnings   Each year Lotto prizes worth millions go unclaimed. For the most part the total amount of unclaimed lotto winnings is the product of smaller wins which are often overlooked. But every once in a while a massive jackpot is won but never claimed. Leaving the ticket to inevitably expire. Here […]Continue Reading

Missing Millionaires: Cam Lyman and Ambrose Small

Missing Millionaires: Cam Lyman and Ambrose Small   Missing Millionaires never go unnoticed. It is estimated over half a million people go missing in the US each year. This number increases astronomically when the entire world is taken into account. Over time many have become so accustomed to, and almost emotionless to tragedies such as […]Continue Reading