December 8, 2021
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OLDEST LOTTERY WINNERS It seems that when luck comes knocking, it knows no age. Usually one would see young or middle-aged, smiling faces on media pages should you look to lotto winner stories. Yet, as mentioned, luck knows no age. Here is a list dedicated to the ‘oldest’ lottery winners: Continue Reading
Winner Stories

Karmic Luck  wins Life-saver £1 Million

Karmic Luck wins Life-saver £1 Million On his way home earlier this year, a Father of two saved the life of a police officer. A few weeks later, in pure karmic luck, he won one million pounds.   On the way home from work, Anthony struck up a conversation with a police officer on the […]Continue Reading
Winner Stories

1996 National Lottery winner trains Support dogs

1996 National Lottery winner trains Support dogs   Deana Sampson, a past National Lottery winner has found a new purpose as well as an innovative way to keep fit during lockdown. Along with Support Dogs, a charity very close to her heart, Deana will be training disability assistance dogs.   Support Dogs Sampson, who cashed […]Continue Reading
Winner Stories

Beginner’s Luck- Teen dad wins £120 000

Beginner’s Luck- Teen dad wins £120 000   Nineteen-year-old Sam Lawton was astounded when he won an incredible £120 000 on his first ever attempt at the Lottery. Talk about beginner’s luck!   Beginner’s Luck and a Bathtub While relaxing in the bathtub, the young dad decided he was going to play the lottery. He […]Continue Reading