March 20, 2019
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Mother of Five Manifests Lotto Win

Mother of Five Manifests Lotto Win Cynthia Stafford was an ordinary, fun-loving, single woman from California who worked as an account executive for a computer technology firm. However, her life changed drastically after her youngest brother was in a fatal car accident with a drunk, underage Continue Reading
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Oz Lotto Jackpot Split

Oz Lotto Jackpot Split Australia’s very first lottery was held in 1881 by George Adams, a man of many talents, who organised a public sweep on the Sydney Cup. This was the start of the Tattersall’s Sweeps. The official Oz Lotto began in 1994 and the Powerball in 1996. Since their beginning, the Oz Lotto […]Continue Reading
Winner Stories

Jane Park – Youngest EuroMillions Winner

Jane Park – Youngest EuroMillions Winner Playing lotteries has become so easy and millions of players buy tickets hoping to win a whopping jackpot and turn their ordinary lives into ones of glitz and glamour, or even just being able to pay the bills and live a comfortable life without worry.  With the growth of […]Continue Reading
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Biggest Jackpot Winner in US History

Biggest Jackpot Winner in US History   Imagine being the sole ticket holder for one of the biggest jackpots in US lotto history. Imagine for a second how your life would change. For Mavis L Wanczyk, winning one of the largest US lotto jackpots through Powerball was also a dream – until late August 2017. […]Continue Reading