January 23, 2022
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Greedy Ex Wife Looses Everything

Greedy Ex Wife Looses Everything After 25 years of being happily married, Thomas Rossi gets the shock of his life when his wife Denise presents him with divorce papers.  Completely unaware that his wife won 1.3 million in the California Lottery only 11 days before deciding to divorce him. The Californian Family Court passed a […]Continue Reading
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Christmas Day Surprise

Christmas Day Surprise Careful what you wish for goes the saying and in Aaron Smith’s situation this was the very truth.His fake pictures of himself winning the lottery went viral on Christmas day only to realize few hours later he indeed won the £1Million EuroMillions Jackpot. Waves of shock and happiness filled his Christmas day […]Continue Reading
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We found the most humble lottery winner!

When Tyrone Curry became a millionaire on the state lottery five years ago, the school janitor well and truly cleaned up. But rather than pack in his job sweeping floors and clearing out trash at Evergreen High School in Washington State , the grandfather went straight back to work. In a remarkable tale of humility […]Continue Reading
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Unlucky Lottery Winners!

Chicagoan Urooj Khan found out the hard way that the lottery isn’t always a winning game. The 46-year-old had sworn off lottery tickets, save for just one more in June 2012, buying a scratch-off at his local 7-Eleven convenience store. And he wouldn’t need a single ticket more after he revealed a $1 million jackpot […]Continue Reading
Unlucky winners

BigBig British National Lotto

The following image is a 419 scam email that has been circulating the internet for years now. It unfortunately uses one of our brands to legitimize it. We receive emails quite frequently asking the same question: “Is it true or is it a scam”. The letter as it stands is a scam and an attempt […]Continue Reading