January 23, 2022
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Slot machines are an all time favourite in many casinos around the world, it is in essence a gambling machine with three or more reels which spin when a button is pushed. With many bright flashing lights and lots of different themes to choose from they entice players from young to old.
A Slot Machine by any other name...

In different countries slot machines are lovingly known by many other names:

  • American English - Slot Machine, The Slots or Slot
  • British English - Fruit Machine (informally) 
  • Scottish English -  Puggy (slang)
  • Canadian English - The Slots 
  • Australian English and New Zealand English - Poker Machine or Pokies (slang) 


Recommended Sites

Lottery Network can recommend the following sites, for your chance to securely play over 30 themed slot machines online, from the comfort of your own space, wherever that may be. Why not play on our official website: Sun7Lottery.com

How to play Slots Online?

  • Create an account on one of the abovementioned sites,
  • Add funds to the account via MasterCard, Visa, Skrill or Netteller (more options coming soon),
  • Pick the games you want to play,
  • Winnings paid directly into your account,
  • Easily edit and update your personal information and see an overview of all your transactions.


What does it cost?

You can play for fun or for real money with bets ranging from a penny to a few euro!


How do the Games Work?

To play slot machines online with the Lottery Network recommended sites you need to:

  • hover your mouse over the game you are interested in and click FUN or REAL money.
  • The game will load in a new page launched ontop of the web page.
  • To return to this page, simply click the little X at the top right of the page.