May 21, 2018
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What to do when you win the lottery

There are many stories out there on the various lottery jackpot winners, who they are, where they are from, where they purchased their winning tickets and what they ended up doing with their winnings. It is really wonderful reading all these positive stories on how these winnings change Continue Reading

Practical tips for winning the lottery

If you find yourself in the lucky position of holding a big jackpot winning ticket, don’t let your excitement get the better of you. Keep your ticket safe until such time as it can be verified and you can claim your jackpot. See this story of how Jerry Ritieni almost lost his winning ticket. If […]Continue Reading

What to do if you win the lottery?

Over the last few weeks there have been some big winners in the national lottery with two lucky people sharing a jackpot of nearly R60m. I have met a few lotto winners over the years and most of them have sad stories to tell about their “good forutne”. In the USA, nearly 70% of the […]Continue Reading