October 20, 2021
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Big lottery winners

The Biggest Lottery Jackpots in History

The Biggest Lottery Jackpots in History   Holding the winning lotto ticket is something millions of us dream of, but for a lucky few the dream becomes a reality. With lottery jackpots hitting all-time highs we take a look at some of the biggest lottery jackpots in history as well as the upcoming high jackpots, […]Continue Reading
Big lottery winners

Biggest Jackpot Winner in US History

Biggest Jackpot Winner in US History   Imagine being the sole ticket holder for one of the biggest jackpots in US lotto history. Imagine for a second how your life would change. For Mavis L Wanczyk, winning one of the largest US lotto jackpots through Powerball was also a dream – until late August 2017. […]Continue Reading
Big lottery winners

Powerball Lottery Winners

Powerball Lottery Winners American Lottery Lotteries are by far the most widespread form of gambling in the United States and bring in the highest gross revenue and highest profit rates in comparison to any other form of gambling. The American Lottery has its roots firmly planted in the colonies as far back as the 1600’s […]Continue Reading

Biggest Mega Millions Jackpot Winners

Biggest Mega Millions Jackpot Winners Mega Millions The Mega Millions Lottery was started in 1996 as The Big Game by Rebecca Paul of the Georgia Lottery and Penelope W. Kyle of the Virginia Lottery. Tickets were first sold in Georgia, Illinois, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan and Virginia and the first draw took place on the 6th […]Continue Reading
Big lottery winners

Community Minded Millionaires

Community Minded Millionaires In 2011, Scottish couple Colin and Christine Weir were catapulted into the spotlight when they won a whopping £161 million, making them two of the nation’s richest people. Being completely overwhelmed and in shock following their life-changing win, the couple headed off for a short break on England’s south coast to the […]Continue Reading