May 21, 2018
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Lottery crime

Sidestepping a Scam

Lottery scams, along with the number of lottery players who have fallen prey to these scams, have increased substantially over the last few years. Scams, dishonest schemes or fraud wreak havoc in the lottery world.Fraudsters take advantage of the dreams of players worldwide by creating false Continue Reading
Lottery crime

Beware: the email that empties your bank account

Imagine getting an email that tells you that you’ve won millions. And all you have to do, to get those millions transferred neatly into your bank account, is reply to the sender with some information. It seems so simple and it’s so irresistible. But if you do reply, you’ll find your bank account emptied,  rather […]Continue Reading

Desperation to win lottery cost him R10,000

We cannot blame him for doing it, anyone in his situation would likely have done the same…Who has not dreamt of winning the lottery? Most of us “normal” people have. We imagine the sudden epiphany that we never have to work again. AND then the spending starts! We imagine what we would buy and in […]Continue Reading