July 9, 2020
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Lucky Lottery Winners

Lucky Lottery Winners   We’ve covered the world’s biggest lottery winners and plenty of rich and famous lives, but this time we thought we’d round up some of the smaller winners. Winning big is great but winning lower tier prizes also changes lives. In fact, if used wisely, smaller wins can bring about big returns! […]Continue Reading
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Maine Millionaire Still Lives in Trailer

Maine Millionaire Still Lives in Trailer   Almost everyone who dreams of winning the lottery also dreams of how it will change their lives for the better.   Perhaps you dream of riches and luxury or perhaps you simply want to be debt free and live in a comfortable home.   Either way, your dream […]Continue Reading
Feel good Winner Stories

Man From Auburn Wins $1 Million

Man From Auburn Wins $1 Million It was a day like any other for Carl Fiesta, a man from Auburn, Alabama. That is until he popped down to the local Express Mart in Fleming. Carl drove to pick up bags of ice for his wife’s birthday celebration and on a whim decided to buy a […]Continue Reading
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New Yorker Wins Powerball Jackpot

New Yorker Wins Powerball Jackpot Powerball has been making million –and billionaires – for many years. Near the end of 2018, one lucky winner, a Mr Nandlall Mangal won a whopping Powerball jackpot of $245,6 million promising to change his life forever. This is his story.     Nandlall Mangal didn’t play the lottery very […]Continue Reading
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Scottish Jackpot Winner Takes £10 Million

Scottish Jackpot Winner Takes £10 Million Winning the lottery jackpot is something we all dream of – the riches and the relief of having financial worries taken off your plate are alluring to say the least. In April 2016, one lucky Scotsman walked away with a whopping £10 317 199; this is his story.   […]Continue Reading
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Mother of Five Manifests Lotto Win

Mother of Five Manifests Lotto Win Cynthia Stafford was an ordinary, fun-loving, single woman from California who worked as an account executive for a computer technology firm. However, her life changed drastically after her youngest brother was in a fatal car accident with a drunk, underage driver. Cynthia took the children, ranging from eight to […]Continue Reading

Take a Sabbatical, Do Some Good

Take a Sabbatical, Do Some Good A sabbatical is defined as “a period during which an employee can take time away from work to study or travel”. Yes, you read that right! Time away from work to study or travel – just imagine it!   The time given can range from 2 months to an […]Continue Reading
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When Luck Turns

When Luck Turns   Bill was an ordinary Australian man; a 30-something truck driver living in a trailer park with his long-time girlfriend, Lisa Wells.   One ordinary day, Bill went to work as per normal but on this day, he ended up being crushed in a truck accident and suffering a near fatal heart […]Continue Reading
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A Millionaire Haven

A Millionaire Haven In the heart of Europe, nestled at the foot of the Southern Alps and bordered by the Mediterranean Sea, is a luxurious destination so tiny that it could fit into New York’s Central Park – Monaco, where a third of the population is made up of millionaires.     If you’re looking […]Continue Reading