October 23, 2021
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Why Massive Jackpots are the New Norm

Why Massive Jackpots are the New Norm I remember watching the lottery as a child and dreaming of what I would do with 1 million. One million was a huge jackpot back then. Now we are hearing of massive jackpots, reaching in the billions, with some of the biggest jackpots coming from the US. The Continue Reading

Where to play the lotto if you live in the Eastern Cape

We would like to welcome our latest lotto partner from the Eastern Cape in South Africa. The website is called: Kouga Lotto which is named after the Kouga region which from we can tell from our Google Maps, compasses and sextants is that it comprises of: Cape St. Francis: Cape St. Francis is known for […]Continue Reading

Where to buy tickets for the Euromillions draw?

I often chuckle when I hear the question, Where should I buy tickets for the Euromillions draw… I chuckle because this is typically asked by people who do not live in a Euromillions jurisdiction and would love to get their hands on one of those “lucky tickets”. While it is not much dissimilar to winning […]Continue Reading

Stealing lottery stuff from the web

I am a little bored and to be honest there is no decent lotto news on the “inter web” so i will be stealing, and yes I have the task to write about this dreary industry (lets just say the odds are against me having any amount of fun). Anyway… Today I thought I would […]Continue Reading

Euromillions: €85 Million Euro’s! 17th July 2012

The EuroMillions draw has reached €85 Million Euro’s… this is one mega jackpot waiting to be won by some lucky lotto player.To play euromillions online is a simple process of adding your lucky numbers to a form and clicking continue! One other game worth playing today is the powerball lottery with a jackpot of $100 […]Continue Reading

42 million euro pounds up for grabs! Buy buy buy!

Yes that’s correct – 42 million euro pounds up for grabs… if you are a lotto man (or woman) then I strongly suggest you take part in this game. While the odds for a big win are possibly out of reach – hitting the smaller wins is quite satisfactory! Here are two great sites where […]Continue Reading