July 9, 2020
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$1 Million Facts You Probably Didn’t Know

$1 Million Facts You Probably Didn’t Know   Way back in the day $1 million seemed like an unimaginable amount of money but now it’s more like back pocket change – in the world of the wealthy at least! We thought, with $1 million now being seen as small fry, we’d give you some totally […]Continue Reading

What Not to Do if You Win A Billion

What Not to Do if You Win A Billion So you’ve won the lottery! As a newly-minted billionaire we bet you’re filled with disbelief and excitement at entering the world of the rich and famous. But wait! Before you go crazy and buy those ten Ferrari’s and your own private island, there are a few […]Continue Reading
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The World’s Richest Celebrities

The World’s Richest Celebrities From sports stars to the stars of the Hollywood screen, celebrities are well known for being part of the rich elite. In fact, it may surprise you just how much the richest celebrities make in exchange for their talents. It’s a tough road to the big leagues but here are a […]Continue Reading

What the Wealthy Never Buy

What the Wealthy Never Buy Oh to be rich! To be able to buy whatever you want and never have to worry about mundane middle class things like bills, or student loans, or mortgages. With so much money in the bank we tend to think that the world’s wealthiest splash out on whatever they want […]Continue Reading

How to be a Millionaire

How to be a Millionaire Did you know that there are 42.2 million millionaires in the world, with 2.3 million of those joining the ranks in just the last 12 months. Of those millions of millionaires, 41% (17.3 million) are in the United States – so 7% of the US adult population are actually millionaires. […]Continue Reading