September 27, 2021
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New Yorker Wins Powerball Jackpot

New Yorker Wins Powerball Jackpot Powerball has been making million –and billionaires – for many years. Near the end of 2018, one lucky winner, a Mr Nandlall Mangal won a whopping Powerball jackpot of $245,6 million promising to change his life forever. This is his story.     Nandlall Mangal didn’t play the lottery very […]Continue Reading
Big lottery winners

Biggest Powerball Jackpot Winners

Biggest Powerball Jackpot Winners Powerball Powerball was launched in 1988 as Lotto America. It was renamed Powerball on 19th April 1992 and the first official Powerball draw was held on 22nd April. When it was launched it became the first game to use two drums which meant it offered more manipulation by simultaneously allowing high […]Continue Reading
Big lottery winners

Powerball Lottery Winners

Powerball Lottery Winners American Lottery Lotteries are by far the most widespread form of gambling in the United States and bring in the highest gross revenue and highest profit rates in comparison to any other form of gambling. The American Lottery has its roots firmly planted in the colonies as far back as the 1600’s […]Continue Reading


MASSIVE CHANGES FOR MEGAMILLIONS LOTTERY The 27th of October will see the last MegaMillions Lottery Draw in the current format, and the 31st of October will see the first draw with the new format.   But what does this mean for you? Bigger Jackpots Better Odds Additional Payouts More Mega Balls Increased Price More Options […]Continue Reading
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Aspiring Billionaire Wins Lottery

Aspiring Billionaire Wins Lottery Most tales of winning the lotto end in the winner frivolously spending their winnings and ending up right where they started. Either that or the famous curse of the lotto where big jackpot winners seem to meet a rather untimely end, although I’m sure their ends are not as accidental as […]Continue Reading
Big lottery winners

The largest jackpot won in lottery history

The largest jackpot won in lottery history It was on Wednesday 13 January, 2016 that the largest lottery in the word to date was won, by not one, but three tickets. The total winnings of the Powerball jackpot were $1.586 billion.  The anticipation of this Powerball jackpot created a frenzy of ticket purchasing in the […]Continue Reading

World’s Most Popular Lottery’s

World’s Most Popular Lottery’s You too can play some of the most popular lottery games from all over the world with Lottery Network brought to you by Sun 7 Gaming. Visit our website to for a chance to win your share in some amazing jackpots.Imagine how easy your life could be if you win the […]Continue Reading
Big lottery winners

The Biggest Lottery Winners in History

The Biggest Lottery Winners in History   Which type of lottery player are you? The one who only buys a lottery ticket when you feel lucky? Or are you loyal to one lottery game and buy your ticket every week or once a month? You may even be the person who believes it is impossible to win […]Continue Reading

South African National Lottery

South African National Lottery Since early 2000 80% of South Africans have come to know the slogan “tata ma chance, tata ‘ma millions”, for their weekly chance of becoming a millionaire.   On it’s first day of opening over 800 000 tickets were sold and nearly 70 Million Rands in revenue was collected from ticket sales […]Continue Reading