September 27, 2021
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Delays in lottery results

Results to customers are delivered on a timely basis and in most cases are delivered shortly after the results have been published but there are technical issues that can cause delays. When can I expect my results? Our aim is to have our customers results in their inbox as soon as Continue Reading

Friday 3rd August Euromillions results!

The results are out for the Euromillions lottery for Friday the 3rd August and it is an official ROLLOVER!The euro results were: Main numbers: 24-34-35-42-46 Stars: 1-5 The next jackpot is: €190 Million EURO, if you are not in a Euromillions jurisdiction, you can play online here: Play Euromillions The latest Euromillions results can be […]Continue Reading

What were the results for Irish Lottery on the 21 July 2012

The Irish lottery results for Saturday the 21 July draw are as follows: Main numbers: 10-34-35-37-43-44 Bonus:42 Some trivia: The National Lottery (Irish: An Crannchur Náisiúnta) is the state lottery of Ireland. It was founded when the Oireachtas passed the National Lottery Act, 1986 to support initiatives in the areas of sport and recreation, health […]Continue Reading

Euromillions results for the 17th july 2012

The Euromillions results for the 17th July 2012 are as follows:Main numbers: 02-07-24-43-46 Lucky Stars: 08-10 My prediction for the next numbers are: Main numbers: 04-09-12-34-43 Lucky Stars: 03-09 Here is a screen shot of the results:   Euromillions results gadget: Get the code: <iframe height=”225px;” width=”350px;” Continue Reading

Powerball results for the 18th July 2012

The results for the Powerball Lottery and for the 18th July 2012 is as follows:Main numbers: 02-05-20-23-57 Powerball: 03The Jackpots size was $100 Million and it was not won by anyone in particular! Here is a screen shot of the results:  Subscribe in a reader   Enter your email address: Euromillions results gadget: Get the […]Continue Reading