September 27, 2021
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Lottery Power and Lottery Fever

Lottery Power and Lottery Fever Across the world people are playing the lottery every week, some twice a week as every Tuesday and Friday night is Mega Millions night – this is when the live draw takes place.  The jackpot is guaranteed a prize amount that includes annuity interest.  Sometimes Continue Reading

#PlayBackTheMoney! – Zuma’s $675 Million Gamble!

#PlayBackTheMoney! – Zuma’s $675 Million Gamble! Dear Mr Zuma,This morning while I was having a very nice black, green and yellow “#ZumaMustFall” sticker stuck to my car I overheard the news that the US Powerball Lottery Jackpot had reached a world record of $675 Million USD!     Yes, that a big number and it […]Continue Reading

South African Lotto – Suspended?

I must admit that it may be a quiet week for international lotteries but have you heard the gossip about the South African Game? It has been suspended! This follows a High Court ruling early in March that the process taken by the South African National Lottery Board to award the new license to the […]Continue Reading